Ideal For A Starting Family: One Story House With Two Bedrooms

one story house

One of the most exciting moments of a person’s life is buying your dream house. From simple one story houses to luxurious multilevel homes, the decision of getting your own house depends on your budget, your lifestyle, your needs, and your references.

For many first-time owners, a one story house is still the ideal choice. Since all the rooms are all on one floor, it is easy and cheaper to maintain and comfortable for all the members of the family as it is easier to access the living and recreational areas. It makes the perfect living situation for both the young children and the elderly as there are no stairs to climb.

The house plan for today is ideal for starting families or those living with younger children. The layout of this one story house plan is very simple yet straightforward. The exterior brings a calm and serene feeling to the occupants: The walls that are painted in soft brown, complete with brick accent walls and the blue tiled finish roofing gives the house a minimalist yet welcoming facade.

Upon entering the house from the front door, you will be greeted by the combined living room and dining room areas. The front area of the house is a huge hallway, too.

The kitchen is separated from the living areas with a door. This is ideal, especially if you love cooking, as the smell of the food will not disturb those doing other activities. The u-shape concept also gives you more places to store your kitchen tools and appliance. The kitchen also provides access to the service area at the back that you can use as a dirty kitchen or a laundry area.

This one story house plan has two equally-sized bedrooms. Each bedroom has a spot for a built-in cabinet, side tables, a working table, and an entertainment wall. The common toilet and bath, with a separate lavatory, is strategically located in the middle, allowing occupants for easy access.

Overall, this one story house plan has two bedrooms, a toilet and bath, a living room, a kitchen, a dining room, and a spacious hallway. It is ideal for families who are looking for a start-up home or those who want to spend their retirement away from the city.

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