Simple One Storey House in a Cool Atmosphere


To own a house regardless of the type and size is probably the greatest decision you will make in your life. This is because a home is a precious investment a family could have. In fact, a house does not only provide security, but it also offers you freedom and privacy. Likewise, it provides you with a space to move around, relax, and have fun. The comfort is immeasurable because there is no place like home, like what this simple one storey house will offer.

Living in a simple way is a comfortable arrangement. The featured house plan is a one-story home with two bedrooms. It projects a simple but contemporary design that features a unit in a beautiful grey color concept. This smart design offers a very calm and pleasant appeal aside from the fact that is built in the middle of a garden lawn. The setting and location offers a green environment for a healthy living.



Description of Simple One Storey House 

A contemporary simple one storey house, the exterior façade looks very prominent and graceful in a blend of cream and grey shades. It stands in a lot that measures 7.50 x 8.50 meters that yields a usable building space of 64.0 sq. meters. The house features an elevated porch with grey marble tiles and a column accentuated with grey-colored bricks. A wall cladding with natural stones in grey color provides prominence and elegance to the entire unit.

Picture of Simple One Storey House in a Cool Atmosphere

This simple one storey house model carries a design with a glass door and glass window panels in grey aluminum casements that provide comfort to the interior of the structure. Additionally, the exterior of the house also offers a high level of comfort with a lovely garden and landscaping.

Meanwhile, the exterior walls bursts with gracefulness being treated with mineral plaster finish in cream color. One of the major highlight of this residence is the well-defined cross hip roof assembly with grey-colored tiles. Visibly, it looks very prominent that delivers an impressive appeal and character.

Picture of Simple One Storey House in a Cool Atmosphere
Specifications and Floor Plan of Simple One Storey House in a Cool Atmosphere

The house in feature sits in a lot with 7.5 meters frontage and 8.5 meters length. It has the following specifications – porch, living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, one bathroom and an open parking space.

The design carries a straightforward and smart floor plan. The simple porch offers a perfect space to the living room through a glass door. As can be seen, the living spaces in a rectangular arrangement on the left side enjoy a free-flowing concept that offers better accessibility. Meanwhile, the private zone of two bedrooms occupy the right section of the plan on opposite corners. The bathroom sits between the bedrooms.

On the other hand, another outstanding feature of this house are the walkway and driveway and the perimeter of the house in crazy cut marble stones on grey color.

Indeed, with a house in this setting, living will be pleasant and comfortable. If you wish to check more small house concepts you can visit Decor Fácil.

Image Credit: Sam House Plans


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