3 Bedroom Contemporary House with Elegant Concept

As time passes by, beautiful contemporary houses are becoming trendier as they are perfectly matching peoples changing lifestyle and delivering perfect blend of uniqueness. In fact, they are receiving more popularity these days as they establish unique way of richness and modern looks. Well, the feeling of finally realizing your dream house like this 3 bedroom contemporary house plan with impressive exterior concepts will be pleasing. Take a look on its brilliant features.

Description of Single Storey Contemporary House Plan

This home plan is a three bedroom elegant one storey unit that stands in a lot that measures 10.5 x 11.0 meters that yields a usable building space of 116.0 sq. meters. The house is built in an elevated scheme allowing it to strand higher that offers an extra appeal. The overall façade in cream and grey shades. Unquestionably, the architectural details, layout, materials and color choice y exude intricacy and sophistication. Similarly, the workmanship is very refined and clean.

But, what makes this house a stunning masterpiece? The following are the prominent characteristics of the featured house design:

  • elevated balcony with grey cultured light brown marble tiles
  • terrace with grey marble tiles and stainless steel railings
  • wall sized glass door and window glass panels on dark grey aluminum frames
  • prominent square pillars in the porch and garage painted on white
  • exterior wall treated with mineral plaster finish in cream tone
  • bottom flooring outline around the perimeter in grey color
  • well-designed cross hip roof assembly with grey-colored tiles
  • walkway, driveway and perimeter of the house with natural light brown-colored marble tiles
  • beautiful garden and landscaping

Picture of 3 Bedroom Contemporary House with Elegant Concept

This elegant house features large-sized glass and windows which are great medium in ventilating the interior for comfort. Similarly, the lovely and airy garden and landscaping make the outside pleasant making the space as comfortable as the inside. One of the most excellent highlight of this house is the prominent cross hip roof assembly with grey-colored tiles and white ceilings.

There is a terrace accented by a wooden wall cladding and brown-colored marble tiles accessible from the master’s bedroom through sliding glass doors. As can be seen, the design also features black painted steel lath that adds an extra appeal to the exterior façade. The exterior walls provide a refined exterior walls painted with cream tone.

Picture of 3 Bedroom Contemporary House with Elegant Concept
Specifications and Floor Plan of 3 bedroom contemporary house

This one storey house plan built in a conducive setting stands in 116.0 sq. meters space offers a high level of comfort. Its specifications include the following: porch and terrace, living room, dining room. Kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a car park.

The floor plan features a small porch that welcomes you to the main entrance to the living room.  The dining room and kitchen are located on the left backside corner of the plan with one adjacent bathroom. Meanwhile, the three bedrooms occupy the right side of the design surrounding the living room. The second bathroom sits in between two bedrooms.

Furthermore, the modern-designed garage with excellent workmanship sits comfortably on the left side of the house. The impressive driveway on brown-colored marble tiles delivered and bursting character.

Picture of 3 Bedroom Contemporary House with Elegant Concept

Indeed. this masterpiece will definitely win the hearts of most families because of the combined aesthetic appeal and comfort it offers.

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