4 Benefits of Replacing Your Driveway

When your driveway is a daily source of frustration, it can be an annoyance that you need to resolve soon. There can be many reasons why it might need replacing, and there are also a variety of benefits that come with doing so.

Here are 4 benefits to replacing your driveway.

Increase Its Load Bearing Capacity

The load-bearing capacity of your existing driveway might not have immediately become apparent until the holiday season when more people came to visit. At that point, the cracks literally could have begun to show either at the time or shortly after everyone departed.

While it’s sometimes possible to repair cracks or to resurface a driveway, if it has not been designed from the outset to meet your requirements, that won’t be much help. It’s likely that it’ll crack again at a later time too.

It’s best at that point to look at the driveway replacement cost to get what you need to satisfy your requirements. That way, a repeat of the same situation can be avoided.

Extend the Size for More Vehicles

With a front yard that includes a driveway, lawn space, and possibly some plants too, the existing driveway could be extended or widened. Doing so would reduce the lawn and maybe other features too, but it could provide an additional parking space for visitors.

Whether you have friends coming over, or just need additional space for delivery scooters arriving because of placing more online orders, extra space will ensure vehicles aren’t scratched. Also, it avoids friends needing to find street parking that in some neighborhoods is restrictive.  

Resurface a Crumbling Driveway

A driveway that’s crumbling on the surface or at the sides will only worsen with time. It’s a sure sign that the asphalt is past its best use date and will need to be sorted out. Resurfacing driveways is possible though. For instance, infrared asphalt repair is useful to create a fresh layer of asphalt and superheat it to create a new smooth upper surface. Taking this action can fix the problem by removing the crumbling layer and building the driveway surface back upwards from there.

Enhance the Curb Appeal Before Listing the Home

If you’re thinking more medium to long-term and have an eye on either upgrading or downsizing later, then a deteriorating driveway isn’t going to cut it. Potential homebuyers will be adding on the hassle and cost of replacing the driveway just to sort out the problem. Many will pass on the listing if they want a place they can move right into and won’t immediately have a list of repairs to get done.

So, if the frontage to your home isn’t attractive and the driveway is the main culprit, it may be preferential to get that resolved. Also, if there’s shrubbery or a poorly kept lawn from the previous owner, putting in some time to get that back to an acceptable standard is worthwhile too.

Driveways provide many years of useful service for homeowners. They’re typically pretty durable. However, when their time is up, it’s best to replace them before they deteriorate even more.

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