One And A Half Storey House Floor Plan with 3 Bedrooms

House Floor Plan with 3 Bedrooms
House Floor Plan with 3 Bedrooms

This One And A Half Storey House Floor Plan has 3 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms and having total floor area of 95.0 square meters excluding the parking area.

Flood-proof design, it is elevated with 8 steps from the finish grade line or at least 1.2 meters from the garage. Combination of bright colors the exterior render of this house floor plan is very inviting with walls painted with dirty white. Yellow and orange accent walls, grills at the top of the porch as sun shade. Louvers at the living room and bedroom.

With the roof designed to be simple, made to be in 3 levels sloping toward the back is a wise design since all water will be dropping at the back of the house.

With the floor plan looking at the top, porch can be reached by 8 steps from the garage floor level, a good place to stay while looking at the front of the house. Wall in between porch and living area is a ribbon glass framed with aluminum and main door glass.

Dining and kitchen is also isolated and separated by masonry wall, ensuring that other rooms of the house are not affected by fumes coming from the kitchen while cooking. An exit door is provided at the left side of the kitchen.

Three bedrooms are located left and right of the living area. Bedroom 1 is at the left side and the other 2 rooms are located and elevated at the right side of the house. With 6 steps, you can reach the 2 bedrooms where in between is another bathroom that separates these two rooms. One bedroom located above the garage is also provided with a private porch, making this room most likely as the Master’s bedroom.

with all the features discussed above, I sure this house would be one of your choice due to its flood-proof feature yet still very attractive modern design.


  1. Kindly provide the cost estimates for different finishes (rough, semi, conservative and elegant) for this type of house and if this fits my budget, I will consider purchasing the complete house plan package for this design. Thank you.

  2. How much will it cost to build this house? Semi finished, conservative and elegantly finished? Thank you.

  3. How much will this design cost, with only 2 regular bedrooms and a bigger master bedroom,, and open living room,dining and kitchen, can you give the cost estimates for semi finished, conservative, elegant finish. Thanks.
    Planning to have the house build possibly mid 2020. Thanks

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