Simple Two Storey House Concept with 3 Bedrooms

Two Storey House Concept
Two Storey House Concept

A three-bedroom house is an ideal size for many families not only because of the space that it provides but also for the privacy and comfortability that it comes with. It is an ideal size if you have growing kids or if your family members would like to keep a room of their own.

The house plan that we have for today is a simple, two storey house concept that can be built in a minimum lot area of 102 square meters. This is a beautiful option if your family wants a house with three bedrooms, including one that is a Master’s Bedroom.

What sets this two storey house apart from other house designs is the availability of a family hall and an attic. The family hall can be turned into another living room while the attic can be another bedroom or a movie room.

Here’s the floor plan of this two storey house:

Upon entrance to the house, you will see the living room, next to the stairs. The dining area is connected to the spacious open kitchen and a small bar. The first floor also houses a bedroom and a common toilet and bath.

The second floor of this two storey house serves as the rest and relaxation area. Other than the open-air balcony, there are two bedrooms, one of which is a Master’s Bedroom. Although the Master’s Bedroom doesn’t come with an attached bathroom, there is a common toilet and bath that the members can use.

Overall, this simple, two storey house consists of three bedrooms, two toilet and baths, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, a mini bar, a balcony, a family hall, an attic, and a garage that can fit a family car.

Do you think this is an ideal home for your family?

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