Contemporary House Concept with 4 Bedrooms and 5 Bathrooms

Contemporary House Concept
Contemporary House Concept

Choosing a much bigger house than the average ones does not always mean luxury. If you want a bigger space for your family to move around or to tend to guests during special occasions, a bigger house is a much better choice.

This is what the house plan for today aims. This contemporary house gives you more freedom to customize the other parts of the home according to your wants and needs. This home is designed to be worth the investment and highlights consist of four bedrooms, a living area, a family area, a kitchen with lanai, a den, a maid’s room, and an auxiliary kitchen. Because of its size, this house does not only provide a bigger living space for the family, it also provides other extra rooms that the members can utilize and enjoy.

This home emphasizes its unique shape. It also has an open-air terrace on the second floor and a spacious garage which can fit two family cars.

Here is the floor plan of this contemporary house:

From the porch to the main entryway, you will immediately see the living area which is adjacent to the dining area. The dining area has direct access to the lanai, if you feel like eating outdoors or if you are hosting a lunch or dinner event for your guests.

The open-concept kitchen is connected to the axillary or dirty kitchen.

The first of the four rooms is on the ground floor. There is also a common bathroom, a toilet, and a maid’s room in this area.

To give the family members more privacy, the other bedrooms are on the second floor. There are two similar-sized bedrooms with attached toilet and bath and a Master’s Bedroom. A family area is right beside the staircase where the family can watch a movie, have a wine night or just simply relax during the weekend.

The Master’s Bedroom has its own Master’s Bathroom with provision for a bathtub. There are also a walk-in closet and a storage area. The owners of the house have access to the open-air balcony overlooking the whole area around the house too.

What can you say about this luxurious contemporary house? Will you consider this as your dream home?

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