Modern Style Single Story Bungalow With Three Bedrooms

single story bungalow
This elegant and modern single story bungalow has three bedrooms and two toilet and baths.

This elegant and modern single story bungalow has three bedrooms and two toilet and baths. The modern look of this house is in trend, especially if you are living away from the city or looking for a place to spend your vacation every year.

Although this simple bungalow house only has one floor, it has all the features of a standard home. Other than the bedrooms and bathrooms, it has a living room, a dining hall, a kitchen, a service area, and a front veranda. This modern bungalow house is designed with an elevated floor, which is efficient when it comes to natural disasters, especially flooding.

This single story bungalow has a simple yet contemporary layout, complete with a perspective and detailed features. The overall design is elegant with wooden accent walls and minimalist color finish. There are also several large windows surrounding the house as well as long span galvanized iron roofing overing the veranda and the service area at the back.

From the veranda to the main entryway, the first area that you will see is the spacious living room. Across from the living room is an empty hallway which will lead you other parts of the house and the dining hall.

The large, l-shape open-concept kitchen is separated from the living area with a door. Other than the several cupboards and storage areas, the kitchen has access to the service area outside, which can be used as a dirty kitchen or laundry area, as well as a secondary entryway.

There are three bedrooms in this bungalow. There’s a Master’s Bedroom with walk-in closet and attached bathroom located next to the living room and the two other bedrooms are located across from the reception and dining areas. The common toilet and bath are located in between the two bedrooms and across from the dining room for easy access.

Not only because there’s a single floor does it mean that you will compromise on the rooms and spaces for the family to move around. Since this bungalow has three bedrooms, it can fit an average-size family and is open for extensions and renovations.

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