The Perfect Size: Modern Three-Bedroom Bungalow House Design

This small, single story bungalow house design is the perfect size for a small family.

This small, single story house design is the perfect size for a small family. Although it is a simple bungalow house, it consists of all the features that a standard house has. It has three standard-size bedrooms and two common toilet and baths.

This contemporary house design has a total floor area of 160 square meters. Although it is small, this bungalow house design uses simple yet modern features. It is painted with the shades of orange and brown, giving the house a fresher and more modern look.

The small contemporary house design is slightly elevated from the ground and has accent walls made of bricks. The roof is covered with a long span, galvanized iron roofing, and is finished with a tile effect.

From the porch to the main entryway, you will be greeted by the spacious living room. You have the option to place the dining hall in this area to maximize the space. Combining these two areas without any partitions or walls to separate them, making the whole place more spacious and easier to move around.

A door from the living room directs you to the open kitchen. You may opt to add an island in the middle of the room which can serve as a secondary dining table and a preparation area. The kitchen also has access to the service area at the back as well as the second entryway to this home.

There are three bedrooms for the family to use. The bigger Master’s Bedroom is located in front while the two smaller ones are placed at the back. Each room have enough space for a built-in closet, a dresser or a study table, and an entertainment wall.

For the comfort of the users, there are two common toilet and baths. These bathrooms can be found in the middle of the bedrooms. There is another door leading to the backyard.

Check out the floor plan here:

Overall, this house is ideal for families who enjoy changing the house’s layout every now and then. Thanks to the open concept that it has, it makes the space look bigger and spacier than usual.

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