Impressive Modern House with Six Bedrooms and a Roof Deck

Should you worry about having a small lot when building a house? Well, worry not! The problem of having a small area is easily solved with literally bringing your property up. If you can not expand horizontally, then expand vertically.

This is the concept employed in this 7×10 meters modern house design.  As you can see from its pictures, it is a narrow house with a limited space but it is built in three storeys to give way for more rooms as it is designed with  surprising six rooms!

The facade captures what a modern house is all about – simple design as shown in the lines depicted in the balustrades of the veranda and in the roof deck, and rectangular shapes captured in the doors and windows.

The use of steel, concrete and glass is one of the distinct feature of modern architecture. As you can see, the facade looks so simple and unadorned because that is what modern design is all about – simplicity and minimalism.

The big glass windows and glass doors allow for natural light to get inside so you can just flip over the curtains to receive natural light and save electricity.  Opening the windows will also give natural ventilation and fresh air while you relax on the veranda.

This house has a roof deck.  It allows for a wonderful view of the surroundings.  Looking from an elevated structure gives a breathtaking view  of nature and the world around you.

Decks build on flat roofs should be carefully deigned though to ensure that it has high quality resistance and strong structural support.  The drainage should also be carefully designed to avoid problems of leakage later.


This three-storey house has a car parking and small garden at the ground floor.  It also houses the living room and the dining room with a ktchen.

The upper levels accommodates  the six bedrooms built with a bathroom.  As you can see, the layout in the upper levels have similar appearance. It is a perfect layout!

Each of the rooms have a small veranda with the exception of one room which can be the master bedroom because it has the biggest area and biggest veranda as well.

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