Elevated Single Storey with Three Bedrooms

Like they say, the beauty of a house does not actually depend on how big and tall it is but on how well the house is decorated and maintained.  After all, what really matters is the house practicality, which means that it should serve its purpose and that is for home owners to live in it.

This petite single storey house that is featured today has a total floor area of 109 square meters.  It has three bedrooms and three bathrooms as  well, a dining and kitchen areas and a roomy living room.


Simple as it is, the design carries it all.  It does not to bear many accessories or many ornaments for it to look awesome.  The design of the windows make it very cozy and it gives a mood of peace and serenity.  The four-step staircase also adds an attraction especially with the tile style.  The brown and beige paint combination is also perfect for this design.

For a small house, a homey kitchen like this is enough.  If the kitchen is installed with a sink, a faucet, cabinets and platform, the it is more than good for a perfect cooking.

Since this house has three bathrooms it is therefore expected for it to have three different styles and designs for each bathroom.  Some would prefer to paint or accessorize their bathrooms with dark colors while others would prefer lighter ones.

Whatever color you choose, this is all reflected by how you would like your house to influence you.  If you are a cheerful soul, then you might want to consider colors such as light green, beige, white, and a touch of blue.

If you are a quiet person, you may want to choose darker colors such as black, gray, or dark brown.  Just mix and match it with other stuffs to avoid monotone.

It has enough space for the living area which can actually be shared with the dining area. This is the secret if you want to have the feel and look of a more roomy space to move around, you can combine the space of the living room and the dining room together.  It just means that the two can share space.

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