Cool House Concept Two-Storey with 5 Bedrooms

Two-Storey House
If you are searching for a modern-style house, this Cool House Concept Two-Storey house is a must-see.

Choosing the overall design of your future home can be complicated, tricky, and overwhelming. A lot of homeowners today prefer to have a modern style, huge and luxurious homes.

But did you know that you can still have a contemporary-looking house minus the several floors and complicated floor plans? This house plan for today ensures that you and your family will be provided with comfort and relaxation every single day.

If you are searching for a modern-style house, this Cool House Concept Two-Storey house is a must-see.

This house makes use of unique materials: Wood for the accent walls and a flight of stairs, connecting the first floor to the second floor’s veranda.

This house has a porch, a sit-out area, four bedrooms, a Master’s Bedroom, two bathrooms, a dining room, and a kitchen with bar.

Let’s take a look at the floor plan of the house:

What sets this Cool House Concept Concept two-storey house apart from other houses is the positioning of the rooms. Normally, the upper floor area has all the bedrooms of the house while the ground floor area comprises of the living room, dining room, and kitchen with bar. However, this house is different.

You can reach the first floor by accessing the flight of stairs in front of the house. From the door, you will immediately see the living room next to the dining area and kitchen with bar.

This floor also houses the two of the five bedrooms of this two-storey house: The bigger Master’s Bedroom and a smaller bedroom which can be used as a guest’s room. A common bathroom can also be used on this floor.

The ground floor area can be accessed in two ways: Through the door from the garage or via the back stairs from the kitchen. This floor has the remaining three bedrooms of the house. It also has a separate outdoor dining area, which can be converted to a family hall or another living room, and a common toilet and bath.

What can you say about this two-storey house? Do you have other requests from Cool House Concept?

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