One Storey House Design with Graceful Shed Roofs

It is a fact, that every family wants to own a house, to have a place to dwell, and invest as well. With lots of types to choose from, this one storey house design with graceful shed roofs might catch your attention. It showcases charming architectural concepts and practicality that come together in perfect harmony that give you a home where you can build memories and happy times for years to come. Discover its remarkable features.

Picture of One Storey House Design with Graceful Shed Roofs

The combination of white, bluish-grey, and maroon tones excellently creates a pleasant and inviting atmosphere. Equally, this beautiful design with a fully conditioned living space will fit perfectly in any housing location. Similarly, this design will be great as a country home or vacation house with a lovely garden and brimming landscaping.

This lean modern house design boasts a simple but charming exterior that features a small entry porch giving access to the inner spaces. Some of the features of this design include a sunken garage, slim rectangular windows in white frames, a pair of shed roofs sloping in opposite directions, and exterior walls treated with miner6al plaster finish in a bluish-grey tone.

Picture of One Storey House Design with Graceful Shed Roofs

This one storey house gifts you with comfort as we can see from the setting with brimming lush landscaping. There are tons of air flowing that makes the interior comfortable. Similarly, the glass elements installed in all elevations shower the inner spaces with lots of light and air that makes the inside look brighter and feel cozier. Besides, aside from aesthetic sense, the glass panes give the family the privilege to view the outdoor space. Additionally, the glass elements protect the privacy of the internal rooms.

Specifications of One Storey House Design

This house provides a comfortable connection between the external and internal spaces. It is constructed in a square lot size of 9.0 x 9.0 meters, with an area of 81.0 sq. meters. The usable building space hosts a porch, living room, dining area, kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a carport.

With an easy and fluid transition between internal and external spaces, the open-plan concept of the living spaces in the middle of the plan offers better mobility between rooms. The living room is airy and can host family entertainment in comfort. A smart design in utilizing the average space efficiently, the three bedrooms border the living spaces on three distinct corners.

The master suite resides at the right corner, delighting its occupants with a private bath, and walk-in robe. The secondary bedrooms are also provided with an individual walk-in closet, with easy access to the family bathroom. Meanwhile, the sunken carport sits comfortably on the left wing with an inviting driveway.

Overall, what is also amazing about this design is the welcoming frontage which is perfect for relaxation.

Image Credit: AP Design Home

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