Unique Exterior Features You Can Add to Your Home

For many people that live in large subdivisions filled with houses, it can be difficult to create that sense of uniqueness to your home. As you drive down the various streets, the houses start to look the same, blur together, and nothing really stands out. This is exactly why it may be time to tackle an exterior project that not only gives your home curb appeal, but creates a more customized and unique look.

Unsure of where to get started in your quest to create a unique vibe? Here are some exterior projects you can tackle.

Start with the Front Door for a Pop of Personality

One of the easiest and most impactful ways to give instant personality to your home is to paint the front door a bright bold color. Choose something unexpected that you don’t see others picking, and really play off that color with features in your garden and outdoor décor.

Some popular colors include bright blue, teal, red, orange, or even green. You can let the door act as a focal point for the front of your home and really embrace its uniqueness.

Paint the Exterior of the House for Maximum Impact

If you want to have maximum impact and really want your house to pop, painting the exterior is a sure fire way to go about it. Again, just like with the door color, you want to steer clear of the typical colors that others use. Instead, try experimenting with different shades of gray, taupe, deep green, blue, or charcoal – whatever isn’t the common color in your neighborhood. This will obviously be a pretty big project that is pricier than just a front door, however.

Fencing Can Act as a Unique Feature

Did you know that privacy fencing can also act as a unique exterior feature? Maybe you are currently weighing the options between picket or privacy fencing. Both have their own list of pros and cons, but either one gives you the ability to choose a unique design that makes your property stand out and have curb appeal.

Take for example vinyl fencing – available in picket and privacy fence styles. You can choose a nice sharp clean white, and because it’s vinyl, the paint won’t fade or crack like a wooden fence might. It will keep that beautiful fresh look for years to come.

Choose Unique Greenery and Garden Designs

You can also get creative with the greenery you plant and even the shape of the gardens you create. Rather than sticking with the same old same old, do a little research on plants and trees that grow well in your region and pick those that aren’t as commonly seen.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to put together a stunning exterior design plan that also looks custom and unique, allowing your home to really pop and holds its own on the street. Even just one of these projects will offer big results.

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