Unique Cottage House Plan with High Ceiling & Wooden Wall Cladding

Undoubtedly, a house with a high ceiling is aesthetically pleasing. Imagine yourself in this type of house and certainly, the first thing that you will observe is the space above which is not common to most of residences that you see around. Actually, there is a feeling of comfort and sense of space, air and light. The atmosphere and ventilation of a house like this unique cottage house plan is at a reasonable level because of the height itself.  

Picture of Unique Cottage House Plan with High Ceiling & Wooden Wall Cladding
Features of Unique Cottage House Plan

The main objective of this home is to offer comfort and tranquility to the residents which is visible from the type of design, setting, and location. This cottage design style features casual and authentic furnishings mixed with graceful contemporary lines. Additionally, this house features a vintage feel and appeal. Furthermore, in addition to being cozy in nature, this cottage yields a beautiful house that fully reflects a fine character.

Picture of Unique Cottage House Plan with High Ceiling & Wooden Wall Cladding

Actually, this bungalow house features a combination of vintage appeal, traditional accent but the overall design is still very modern. The exterior façade is dominated by wooden wall cladding in all elevations. In fact, the design and concepts are the same in all facades. Its excellent features include the following:

  • elevated porch with floor marble tiles and canopy roof both in grey colors
  • big-sized glass doors and glass windows in white-colored aluminum casements
  • exterior and corner walls in salt concrete finish
  • bottom base with natural cultured bricks in brown color
  • wooden wall cladding in brown and grey shades

high pitched shed roof assemblies with metal sheets designed in opposite orientation

Picture of Unique Cottage House Plan with High Ceiling & Wooden Wall Cladding

The left side elevation carry the same design and concepts as the front façade considering the materials, colors and assembly.

Picture of Unique Cottage House Plan with High Ceiling & Wooden Wall Cladding

The exterior walls of the rear elevation is partly treated with salt concrete finish, while the other part looks unique as well with wooden claddings. Sufficient windows are provide to allow cross ventilation to keep the temperature inside at a pleasant level.

One of the significant trademark of this cottage style house plan is the shed roof assembly that explodes with prominence and sophistication.

Look at the surroundings. With the house built in this setting, atmosphere and environment, the comfort and serenity are immeasurable.

Specifications and Floor Plan of Unique Cottage House Plan

Obviously, the exterior concepts and setting bring the interior at high comfort level as well. The residence stands in a land size of 13.0 x 16.0 meters and a house size of 9.0 x 12.2 sq. meters. The usable floor area of 106.34 sq. meters spreads to the porch, living room, dining area, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and kitchen.

A straightforward layout, it features a porch that leads to the living room though the main door. The living spaces enjoy a free-flowing concept that invites better mobility and accessibility for all the spaces. They occupy the right portion of the plan, white the private zone sits on the left side. The two bedrooms are on opposite corners, with the bathrooms in between them. Meanwhile, the inviting driveway and walkway serves as the parking space. .

With the comfort in the interior, the pleasantness outside the house is even more satisfying with a lovely garden, landscaping, plants and trees. What more can you ask for?

Image Credit: Home Plan 2U


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