Tiny House Plan with 2 Bedrooms

tiny house plan perspective
  • Floor Plan ID : CHC18-009
  • Area : 50SQ.M.
  • Bedrooms : 2
  • Bathrooms : 1
  • Garage : Optional
  • Style : One Story House Plans

This tiny house plan has 2 bedrooms with one common toilet and bath. Minimum lot area is 138 square meters with 10 meters lot frontage with and 13.8 meters depth or length. Designed to stand as single detached house, at least there should be 2 meters distance from both sides and back and 3 meters at the front following the minimum setbacks set fort by local building codes or land developers.

Looking at the perspective, dark colored long span roofing suites this tiny house plan really well. Combination of white lines for the main walls and dark colored accent walls suites the dark colored roof.

Aluminum sliding windows are also dark colored paired with 6 mm clear or bronze tinted glass as an option. Doors area wood panel door for the main entrance and also for interiors doors. At the right side wall is also treated with crazy-cut stone wall or brick finish.

tiny house plan perspective

Taking a closer look at the layout, this tiny house plan starts with the small porch before going into the living room. Living room, dining and kitchen is design to be open to make more space between these 3 areas.

With these 3 areas open, the combined size would be 3 meters by 7.3 meters or a total floor area of almost 22 square meters. The 2 bedrooms area situated at the left side both 3 meters by 3 meters in size and in between is a common toilet and bath. At the back is a small service or laundry area.

Tiny house plans are very efficient when it comes to space saving as they are design for this purpose. Every space is carefully designed to have their on purpose contributing as part of the house.Compact in all aspects, yet not sacrificing their main purpose, tiny house plans area suited really well in small lots and narrow lots. Cool house plans will continue to showcase different types of houses so make sure to include this floor plan in your choices.


  • Rough Finished Budget: 576,000 – 672,000
  • Semi Finished Budget: 768,000 – 864,000
  • Conservatively Finished Budget: 960,000 – 1,056,000
  • Elegantly Finished Budget: 1,152,000 – 1,344,000

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