Another Inspiring Design of a Contemporary Bungalow

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This is a contemporary bungalow design.  This may not look new to you.  You may have seen bungalows that look a lot like this or your neighbor’s house may be one like this.  However, the exterior of any house does not speak of its interior.  There are exteriors that really look amazing but its interior may not be that appealing.  On the other side, there are houses that have very simple exterior but their interiors are really cool and gorgeous.

The most appealing feature of this design is perhaps its entrance.  It sits on an elevated platform of five steps higher.  The presence of two big pillars on its frontage does not only show strong support to the roof but also serve as a beautiful exterior ornament.

The glass windows are cool.  They reflect natural light from the sun and they give a full view of the outdoor.

The design does not include a car parking area but you can always make one if you wish to.  You may want to place it just in front of the house or you can place beside it.


● Contemporary style
● Total area of 135.00 sq.m.
● Building 9.00 meters wide
16.50 meters deep
● Number of pillars: 22
● House price: Php 1.9M or US$37,000

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  1. I like the design but our lot is only 100 sqm. How can i go about it? Pls help me by suggesting which are the best adjustments thank you

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