Unique Two Storey Modern House With Three Bedrooms

two storey modern house
This two storey modern house has three bedrooms in a unique layout.

This two storey modern house has three bedrooms, two toilet and baths, and a reception hall plus balcony with 120 square meters of liveable space. The exterior of this house is decorated with soft gray and white.

The design for this house is modern and unique. Instead of the traditional style garage, the car park is located in the basement of this house. There is also a staircase in front of the house to reach the balcony and the receiving area.

This two storey modern house also has high ceilings and several large picture windows on the walls. The high ceilings and windows guarantee natural light and ventilation on all spaces.

From the main entrance of this two storey modern house, you will see the spacious living room. Just a few steps from the living room is the dining hall, with provision for a mini bar.

The kitchen has a separate room. It is very spacious and can fit a gas range or an oven. To maximize the space and avoid clutter, you can install overhead kitchen cabinets to store your appliance and other kitchen tools.

There is a staircase to reach the half floor below. On the half floor, you will also find the first bedroom, which can be used as a guest room as well as the common toilet and bath.

The second floor of this two storey modern house is the recreational area. You will find the two equally sized bedroom on this floor. One of the bedrooms can be used as a Master’s Bedroom as it has a walk-in closet and a walk-in closet.

This two storey modern house is the perfect size for a family who wants to have privacy in their home. It is ideal for those who have a larger budget as it has three bedrooms and two bathrooms on a stand alone lot.

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