Princely Modern Contemporary Double-storey House

Building a two-storey house can be costly for some who are thinking to build one. However, America’s Best explains that two-storey homes are cost savings, with improved views, and have a smaller footprint.  These are all potential reasons to choose a two story house plan for your new dream project.

Cost Savings

If you are considering a bigger place to stay with more space, building a two story home can be the best option for you.  It is a lot cheaper compared to building a ranch home with its size.  America’s Best says that “the main reason for the savings is the reduced size of the foundation, roof and roof structure.  By reducing the foundation size, we lower the costs for basement floor (or slab), foundation footings and walls, waterproofing, and the foundation drainage system.  We also reduce the framing required for the roof including trusses, beams, rafters, sheathing as well as the actual roofing material and labor.  The typical savings in going from a ranch to a two story of the same size and quality is fifteen to twenty percent.”


Another benefit of a two-storey home is the improved view. An upper floor opens up some great views especially if there is a veranda on the upper floor where you can sit and relax and enjoy the views.   SOme home owners would move their primary living room and have a veranda on the second floor to further enjoy the surrounding beauty.

Reduced Footprint

Fitting the size of the house into the lot and how close the house to the lot lines is called the footprint. IN building a two-storey home, you are actually reducing the footprint because the areas that should be accommodated in the ground floor will be moved to the upper floor giving extra space to the lot line. You can reduce the footprint by fifty percent if you will build a two-storey home.

Two-storey home also decreases lot disturbanc\ce especially if there are trees that are planted in the lot or if there are beautiful ornamental plants that need to be saved.  If trees are on the lot, fewer of them will need to be cut down if a two story home is built.  And by decreasing the size of the foundation with the two story, you will effectively reduce the amount of land that needs to be graded/disturbed.



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