Low-cost Two-bedroom Elongated House Design

Those who are looking for a house to settle in are always excited to go for house-hunting. While house-hunting can be very exciting, it can also get a little confusing given the numerous choices available online and the houses that we see along the streets.

Sometimes when you can’t look for a house that is suited to your budget, you would rather hunt for a lot where to build your house.  The advantage of this is that you can build the house that you yourself design.  But the only problem here is the location of he lot and the size and shape of the lot you have bought.

What will you do if you have bought a narrow and elongated lot? How will you design it? While architects and designers can help you out with the design, here is a good example for your reference. Check this out.


Homedit explains that narrow lot houses are quite rare.  People would always prefer a spacious house sitting on a regular size and shape lot. But for those who have already purchased a narrow and elongated lot, just think of the ways on how you can make your house look wonderful by designing it the way it can benefit a narrow space.

Homedit says that narrow lot house does have its advantages, the most notable of which is the fact that it can fit in tight spaces between existing buildings or on unusually-shaped sites. The exterior and interior designs of which should be carefully planned for the occupants to to live comfortably without major issues.

With large glass windows, the living room looks so cheerful and reflect a positive energy.  Indeed, the secret to a comfortable home relies on the design strategies one employs depending on their taste and preferences.

For interior designing, there are a lot of available concepts online that you can choose from. But then again, you can also combine your own concept with the concepts that you may get from other people to create a more sophisticated one.

Like emphasized here, the beauty of a house sitting on a narrow space relies on hod the floor plan is designed.  The interior of this narrow house looks cool and spacious.


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