Simple Bungalow House Plan With Three Bedrooms And Two Bathrooms


Our houses may come in different styles and shapes. Some may be built in a traditional way while there are others with a more modern touch. No matter what kind of house you are planning to build, as long as it has all the functions that the family needs and the place is safe, secure, and comfortable for the family, it is considered a dream home.

One of the best single story houses that you can have is a bungalow. Since in bungalow houses, the living, kitchen, dining, and sleeping areas are all on the same floor, it is easier to maintain and to clean. It is also cost-efficient, making it a primary choice of new homeowners, young couples, and small families.

The house plan for today is a perfect example of a comfortable bungalow. The exterior of the house is simple, with a ranch-style facade. The walls are painted in soft grey, with brick and wood accent and panel walls while the roofing has a tile finish.

The floor plan of this bungalow is simple and straightforward. From the main entryway is the open living room. This recreational space has a large floor space, perfect for entertaining your guests.

On the left side of the living room is the Master’s Bedroom with ensuite bathroom and a family hall. The family hall can be converted into another bedroom or a media room.

Just a few steps from the recreational area is the two bedrooms and a common bathroom. The open-concept kitchen at the far end of this bungalow has a space for a dining hall and a door leading you to the service area at the back.

Check out the floor plan of this single storey house here:

When choosing your future home, it is important to look for a house that has all the space for your family’s needs. Overall, this house has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a spacious living room, a kitchen, and a dining hall.

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