Three-bedroom Modern Bungalow for a Small Family


Like we always emphasize in our posts about bungalows, they are always the favorite and most preferred type of dwelling for most home owners because of many significant reasons. They are affordable to build and easy to maintain.

Floorplans explains that small homes come in many different styles and floor plans. From Craftsman bungalows to tiny in-law suites, small house plans are focused on living large with open floor plans, generous porches, and flexible living spaces. Stay on budget without sacrificing style by choosing a small house plan with lots of curb appeal, from front porches to large windows.

How do you define ‘small’? Like other words and concepts, this word has varied definitions from person to person, situation to situation, place to place. However, Floorplans says that most homes under this ‘small’ category are  under 2,000 square feet (some as tiny as 300 square feet!)

Whether you want a simple and cheap home, an extension house, or an impressive cottage, you will find what you are looking for in our collection of bungalows and small house plans. Check this one out.

This house that we are featuring in this post, you can see that the platform is not very high. Building this house means you can save from spending too much because you will not be spending on lifting a platform or making a floating beam.

The roof is shaped like upturned. It is easy to install the roofs with this kind of roofing style. It does not involve angles that needs to cut the roof sheets to fit the angles and corners.

It looks very simple but clean and neat because of its modern design.  There are no intricate details.  The frontage only features straight lines seen in the pillars and balustrades in the small veranda.

The glass doors and windows are just perfect for they allow natural light to enter the house.  You will save on electricity during the day because you will be using just the natural light and there is no need for lighting mechanisms.

It is a three-bedroom house and this is just right for a small family.  All the basic areas of a home are present – a living room, a kitchen, and a toilet/bathroom. For small houses like this one, the dining area can be at the veranda for dining al fresco or it can be in the living room.



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