Modern One-Story Home Design With Four Bedrooms

Simple in design, this one-story home design plan has three bedrooms, two toilet and baths, and a Master’s Bedroom.

Since one-story home designs are affordable, they are a favorite choice among homeowners, especially first-time homeowners. This home design plan is not only simple, but it is also easy to maintain yet it can accommodate a growing family.

This beautiful house has a minimalist design yet is exerts beauty inside and out. The house is fully elevated, with two wooden stairs connecting the house to the ground.

The front porch is also surrounded by wooden fences, with the walls beautifully embellished with wooden planks, which adds to the overall “country” ambiance of the home. There are also several windows surround this one-story home to make sure that all rooms are properly lighted and ventilated.


Let’s take a look at the inside part of this house. Here is the floor plan:

There are two ways to enter the house: One from the receiving area and another one from the Master’s Bedroom.

Upon entering the front porch, you will see the spacious living room which is combined with the dining area to maximize the space. A short hall from the dining area leads to the kitchen.

There are two bathrooms in this house plan: A common toilet and another common toilet and bath.

The Master’s Bedroom, the room with the largest floor area in this house, has an attached balcony. The Master’s Bedroom also serves as a secondary entrance to the home.

What’s great about this one-story house design is that you can customize the look of the house. Instead of having three bedrooms, you can change it into two bedrooms by removing the walls. Since there are no built-in cabinets, you can play around and place the built-in wardrobe at any parts of the rooms. The possibilities are endless.


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