Get inspired with this blue elegant two-bedroom bungalow

Passers-by are always fascinated by the beautiful houses they see. What really catches their attention is the facade of the houses that they pass by.  The facade always leaves a lasting impression to them.  They judge the houses by their exterior not by their interior because they can’t see the interior from afar.

So, if you want your viewers give your house a good lasting impression, you have to make the exterior of your house impressive enough to catch their attention.

This house is painted with blue with gray and black accents.  Many designers say blue is a good color of a house exterior.  It represents the sky and sea.  It is also often associated with freedom, wisdom, vitality, and energy.  So, a house that is painted with blue exudes a lot of energy.

The simple hip roof style is appropriate for the shape and size of this bungalow.  This kind of roofing is sturdy and can withstand strong winds and rain.  Having sloping sides drains water easily and not allowing water to stay on the roof. This way, the roof dries up easily avoiding the possibility of leaks and therefore it can last longer.

The bathroom is designed with perfect combination of tile color. The use of gray or aqua green in the toilet and bathroom complement the water element present in the place.  The black design also works well as an accent to contrast the light colors.

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