Elegant One Storey Elevated Home Plan

one storey home plan perspective view

This home plan is a two-bedroom elegant one storey with 2 bathrooms. Minimum lot size requirement is 355 square meters designed to be single detached home. Elevated with 600 mm from the natural grade line, this house is flood proof specially in low lands.

Very noticeable viewing the front are the white arched moldings which defines this home plan as a traditional architectural style. With brick or crazy-cut stone work on the column pedestals from the garage and porch area. Arched window is also in place at master’s bedroom front and mini-terrace at the side for relaxation. Roof is hipped typed trusses covered with long spna roofing pre-painted with dark colored tone with wood grained paint on ceiling eaves.

Garage can accommodate 2 to 3 cars and house can also be access both from the front porch and from the back dirty kitchen area. With 4 steps going to the porch with 4 meters by 3 meters, this portion of the house can accommodate a set of sofa furniture. Opening the main entrance wood panel door leads to the main living area which is open all the way to the kitchen. These 3 potion of the home plan when combined will provide a sizable space.

one storey home plan perspective view

Dining area is also 4 meters by 4 meters which can accommodate a six sitter round table. Kitchen on the other hand is 4 meters by 3.5 meters with small bar counter where meals or snacks or coffee time maybe done here. Going into the master’s bedroom, size is almost 16 sq.m. with king size bed, walk-in closet, a mini-terrace and a master’s bathroom. Bedroom 2 is also big enough with the same size as the master’s bedroom, with built-in closet and a dedicated door to the common toilet and bath.

floor plan for 2 bedrooms


As you can see, this home plan is big for 2 bedrooms you maybe thinking but cool house concepts lay all possible options from compact budget house to extravagant or elegant house without compromising space.

  • Floor Plan ID : CHC18-013
  • Area : 150 SQ.M.
  • Bedrooms : 2
  • Bathrooms : 2
  • Garage : 2
  • Style : One Story House Plans
  • Rough Finished Budget: 1,800,000 – 2,100,000
  • Semi Finished Budget: 2,400,000 – 2,700,000
  • Conservatively Finished Budget: 3,000,000 – 3,300,000
  • Elegantly Finished Budget: 3,600,000 – 4,200,000

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