Two Storey House Design with 167 Square Meters Floor Area

Do you own a small lot, ranging from 120 to 135 square meters? Well, this is your chance to build a decent 2 storey house with 4 bedrooms.

This two storey house design is 167 square meters total floor area of ground and upper floor. It has 4 bedrooms, one on the ground floor and 3 bedrooms at the upper floor. Each floor is equally divided in area at 83.5 square meters per floor.

The ground floor consists of the one-car garage, living, ding & kitchen, bedroom, common toilet and bath, and service area. Upon reaching the garage, you can enter the house from a double swing door at the right side wall reaching the living area. Dining and kitchen can be access from the hallway going to the rear right.

Bedroom 1 is partially below the staircase taking advantage of all available space to be used. A common toilet and bath s also at the left side, and before reaching the rear side of the house, you will have the service area or can serve as laundry room too.

The upper floor mainly consists of the 3 bedrooms. At the front is the master’s bedroom with en-suite toilet and bath and built-in closets. It has also a private terrace or balcony situated just above the garage, a good place to relax and sit while watching the front of the house. Back side is accommodate by the 2 standard bedrooms with common toilet and bath opposite the stairs.





  • Floor Plan ID : SA18-013
  • Area : 167 SQ.M.
  • Bedrooms : 4
  • Bathrooms : 3
  • Garages : 1
  • Style : Two Story House Plans


  • Rough Finished Budget:  2,016,000 – 2,352,000
  • Semi Finished Budget:  2,688,000 – 3,024,000
  • Conservatively Finished Budget:  3,360,000 – 3,696,000
  • Elegantly Finished Budget:  4,032,000 – 4,704,000


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