Three Bedroom Contemporary House with Spacious Terrace

contemporary house
  • Floor Plan ID : CHC18-003
  • Area : 170 SQ.M.
  • Bedrooms : 3
  • Bathrooms : 2
  • Garages : 1
  • Style : Two Story House Plans

This contemporary house with three bedroom is 170 sq.m. floor area which requires a lot area of at least 145.60 sq.m.. The lot area requirement is designed to have one wall particularly on the garage side to be firewall. The minimum setback for this layout is 2 meters on each side (except for the firewall side), 2 meters at the back and at least 3 meters at the front.

With the above details, this contemporary house needs at least 11.20 meters frontage width. The length requirement is at least 13.0 meters to accommodate this floor plan.

Going into details with the floor plan, the ground floor consists of the porch, garage, receiving area, dining, kitchen, bedroom, toilet and bath, storage and service area. Referring to the layout, you will notice that the receiving area, dining and kitchen is an open area to to make the room a bit more spacious and rooms area complementing each other.

The bedroom on the other hand, can serve as guest room and maid’s room with a common bathroom serving the whole of the ground floor. Storage is also provided underneath the staircase to accommodate extra baggage of the house.

Second floor consists of the 2 bedrooms common bathroom and 2 terraces. The bedroom at the front can serve as master’s bedroom with small terrace in front. The big terrace above the garage can be a place for small gathering or can be a placed to relax during the night time before going to bed.

The roof is made of steel trusses and covered with pre-painted long span galvanized iron roofing. Walls are painted cement plaster finish, doors are mostly wood panel doors and windows are aluminum framed glass sliding windows. Flooring area finished with glazed ceramic tiles for all dry areas and un-glazed on bathrooms and stair. Railings area black square pipes painted with metallic black.

contemporary house front view



  • Rough Finished Budget : 1,608,000 – 1,876,000
  • Semi Finished Budget : 2,144,000 – 2,412,000
  • Conservatively Finished Budget : 2,680,000 – 2,948,000
  • Elegantly Finished Budget : 3,216,000 – 3,752,000

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