Small House Design with 2 Bedrooms

This Small house design has 2 bedrooms and 1 toilet and bath. Total floor area is 55 square meters that can be built in a lot with 120 square meters lot area. This mean that the minimum lot width would be from 10 meters to 10.5 meters maintaining a minimum setback of 2 meters each side. Front allowance is 2 meters and back will be 1.5 meters at least.

The roof design is very simple because it is only shed type roof, sloping down the back side. Economy is considered here as the roof structure would only be a simple truss compared to hipped roof assembly. Color combination of dark yellow accents, light grey walls and wood texture on the front.

Elevated with 3 steps you will arrive at the front porch, small but serve its purpose. Living room, dining and kitchen are open to make the area more spacious since rooms are not isolated or confined.



  • Floor Plan ID : SA18-005
  • Area : 55 SQ.M.
  • Bedrooms : 2
  • Bathrooms : 1
  • Style : One Story House Plans


  • Rough Finished Budget : 660,000 – 770,000
  • Semi Finished Budget : 880,000 – 990,000
  • Conservatively Finished Budget : 1,100,000 – 1,210,000
  • Elegantly Finished Budget : 1,320,000 – 1,540,000


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