Glass Walls and Large Glass Windows Provide Views of the Outdoors! Check this simple cabin-inspired house!

Would you want to live in a house with glass walls, where everything is literally see-through? Uh-oh, some would think they are not in for this but there are some who would surely love that idea!

Large glass windows are a bridge between indoors and outdoors as they give natural light to the interior of a house and offer fantastic views of the outdoors.

Today, we are featuring a house with not really glass walls but but huge glass windows which upon first sight would give you the impression that this house was made of glass walls!


These large glass windows provide an interrupted view of the garden and nature. So, if you are a nature lover, you should design your home this way.

Large glass windows allow the residents to enjoy the views of the outside while they are inside their homes enjoying its coziness and comfort during the hot summer or cold winter.

The transparent walls allow natural light to seep in and provide outdoor views.  If you are too lazy to go out, you may access the outdoors from the inside by just standing by the windows and enjoy the views in your garden. Well, the most thought of concern about glass walls is privacy. But this is of course remedied by installing one-way vision glasses and drapery will cover the windows and walls if you feel like you are being peeped at.

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