Contemporary Home Plan with Comfy Outdoor Space

There’s something incredibly welcoming about this contemporary home plan that stands in a spacious, inviting outdoor living space. Aside from beautiful aesthetics, it has a unique aura of warmth, well-being, and hospitality. Actually, this design features architectural concepts for exceptional family living. Likewise, it also showcases a progressive design with a modern touch and details of contemporary lifestyles that come together to create a home that makes family living a pleasure.

With lovely landscaping around, this house offers a blissful balance and perfect harmony for the occupants. The coziness of the outdoor space extends to the interior that offers livability to the fullest. Elegant unique features in a blend of cream and light brown shades deliver a cool vibe and homey appeal. Actually, the soft color combination develops a pleasant contrast with the green environment in the background.

Picture of Contemporary Home Plan with Comfy Outdoor Space

Description of Contemporary Home Plan

There are lots of architectural elements that allow this contemporary home plan to stand out impressively. A pair of cross gable roofs with a symmetrical layout secures the bases of the structure in a cantilever concept. The left-wing looks are unique with slim rectangular windows and a concrete screen block. On the other hand, the right wing is exceptional with a circular glass window.

Picture of Contemporary Home Plan with Comfy Outdoor Space

Meanwhile, the wide carport that can accommodate a few cars is eye-catching with its low height and is secured by a concrete screen block and a flat roof. It looks perfect in its place that matches the overall width of the house.

You will also find the elevated terrace captivating which introduces the main entrance enveloped with large glass panels. The dazzling and brimming landscaping is tantamount to making the interior comfortable with tons of fresh air flowing inside. Yet, the glass elements make the spaces brighter and even more comfortable with volumes of light and air coming inside. Similarly, the glass elements increase the aesthetic value of the house, and at the same time protect the privacy of the internal rooms.

Perhaps one of the most impressive features of this design is the pair of cross-gable roofs that is similar to Scandinavian houses. The roof assembly and the exterior walls in cream plaster finish look classy and elegant.

To top it all, what is also amazing about this design is paradise-like, spacious outdoor living which is perfect for outdoor dining. The space can also hosts various social events and functions where you share with family and friends.

Image Credit: Sangsook Studio 21

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