A Whopping 12 x 24 meters Bungalow with Five Bedrooms and a Rambling Back Veranda

Size does matter! Yes, for large families who require to have a large space for every member of the family, a bigger place is better.  If you have four children and they all want to have a room of their own there is no escape for you but to build a bigger house to give everyone a bedroom.

So, let’s take a look at this very large bungalow and find out if you like its floor plan and layout.

First of all, the structure is raised 6 steps higher than the ground.  This elevation is fair enough.  It is not too low and not too high.  Elevated houses are great because they can be flood-proof.  It also adds beauty to the overall structure of the house.

The creamy and buttery paint color of the exterior gives a warm and clean feel of the ambiance.  This color matches very well with darker hues such as deep blue or gray, black, dark brown and even aqua green.  If complemented with darker colors, the creamy color glows and stand out.

The width is 12 meters and the depth is a whopping 24 meters including the space used by the front bedroom porch.  The biggest bedroom which is the master bedroom measures 10 meters x 4.5 meters.  It has its own toilet and bath.  There are four other bedrooms, a spacious living room and dining, a common bathroom, and a kitchen.

At the back of the house is a very large veranda which can be used to host a party for the family, a recreation area, and a garden as well.

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