What Do Homebuyers Look for in a Garden?

When it comes to buying a house, there’s a lot to think about. Many buyers pay particular attention to rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen, which can be costly to change and any alterations need to be practical. However, they will all have their own specific wish lists.

The same is true in the garden. Most buyers have their own needs from their outdoor space and will be looking for slightly different things. That said, there are a few things that the majority of home buyers will be looking for in a garden. Here’s a look at them.

An Attractive Frontage

When it comes to your front yard, homebuyers often have varied needs. Some want a large drive for multiple cars, whereas others want a long drive that’s backed off from any main roads and out of sight of passers-by. Some people want gated access, whereas others want gorgeous tree cover. Some people just want an attractive front yard with room for a bench. You can’t possibly please everyone. But you can boost curb appeal and home value with these 5 tips. The key to good curb appeal is often creating a frontage that’s attractive, but easy to maintain.

The Absence of Problem Plants and Trees

What home buyers are looking for in a garden is as much about what they don’t want to find, as it is what they do. Homebuyers will be looking for warning signs like overgrown weeds, which can keep coming back even after removal. They’ll also be looking out for things like Japanese Knotweed which can be hard to remove and even dangerous. They might also be looking to avoid large, deeply rooted trees which can eventually lead to structural issues and be expensive to remove.

Which Way the Garden Faces

Most home buyers will be looking for a garden that gets plenty of sunlight. They’ll ideally want a south-facing garden, which gets more natural light and is warmer. As a seller, if your garden isn’t south-facing, there’s not a lot that you can do. But, could you compensate by adding a small deck to the warmest areas, or making more of your front yard?


Access to a garden can be important in a few different ways. A family buyer, with children, might be looking for restricted access, such as high fences and a lockable gate so that their children can play freely without worrying about strangers having access. At the same time, however, most people would rather not have completely enclosed gardens that are only accessible through the house as this can make it hard to take on large gardening jobs or to install large items like a hot tub.


A small, well-kept shed that’s painted and weatherproofed can be a big benefit to home buyers. Sheds give people options and help to free up space in the house. But they can be expensive and hard to erect. So, if there’s already a shed, and it’s in great condition, that will be a big bonus.


What people want from their gardens is always going to vary, and it depends on how much time and effort they want to spend in the future. But most buyers value neatness. A neat garden that’s well maintained and filled with perennial, easy to care for plants will appeal to most people. It gives the gardeners easy options, and a nice base to start their projects from, and the non-gardeners something that they can handle.

Buyers often value a tidy, easy to look after, and safe garden above all else, just as they do in the interior of the home.

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