Villa-inspired Three-bedroom Double Storey House

You must have your own house where you are living perfectly with your family or loved ones now.  You must have designed and decorated it according to your dream house that you imagined it to be. But, let us dream even bigger! I am sure you have thoughts of residing in even bigger, more luxurious house that you often see on TV, in the movies, or along the highways when you travel.

Well, your concern might be about the money or the resources to purchase or build this kind of house. Come on, let us just try to live our dreams! Sometimes it is just nice to feel like we are living the finest dreams we ever had!

So, forgetting about the money, what would your dream house be like? Will it be a resort-inspired home? A villa or a villa-inspired? A modern house? A condo? Ugh! Whatever that dream is, let us just feel good to dream to boost our positive energy.  Who knows one day, we will live this dream, yeah?

Imagine that you own this house or will be buying or building one like this.  Isn’t it nice to dream to live in this two-storey abode with a spacious yard, a patio, and some extra space for gardening and landscape?


The verandas located on the second level allow for viewing of the surroundings, a perfect place to have a sip of cold soda or a warm and relaxing cappucino, tea or coffee.

This 11 meters x 14 meters  house has a car parking, a small garden with access to the kitchen, a living room, a dining room, three big bedrooms with bathrooms and a store room and a restroom.

For those who are dreaming to have this kind of house, you can decorate it simply with just greens just like the plants strategically planted around it.

It is always relaxing to find green foliage and flowers around a home. If this is the kind of view that you will see in the morning when you wake up, it surely boosts  your energy and attracts a a positive aura for you to carry on through the day.


Designed by: Sam Architect

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