Three-bedroom Bungalow with a Half-finished Interior

They say that if you want your house to get nice comments and envy, you should make its exterior really fabulous and stunning.  However, there are homeowners that don’t design the exterior of their homes lavishly because they don’t want to be noticed by passersby.  They make the interior awesome instead!

Here is an example of a a fully finished exterior and an interior that is almost finished.

When it comes to the color to paint the exterior, beige and light brown complement each other.  The color combination is comforting and nurturing.  It exudes dependability and friendliness. The large glass door is very auspicious because it welcomes the entrance of positive energy and good luck.

The bricks accent on its posts gives it a classic appeal.

This is the area that is to be used as the living room.


Dark tile color combined with lighter color is a perfect color combination for a bathroom.

This is the area upon entrance from the main door.  This can be used as the living room or the receiving area.

Avocado green as a paint in the kitchen gives a cool and relaxing mood while cooking.  It exudes a lot of positive energy neutralizing the dark energy brought by the fire element in the kitchen.

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