That Luxurious Seven-bedroom Modern Villa

There are varied opinions as to what type of home each of us would like to live in. We have our own sets of standards, preferences, taste, and personal attributes that may affect our choices. While some prefer to live in flats, condos, or apartments, some others also opt to have their own private place that is secure from neighbors stalking and the busy urban life.

A villa is the most preferred property for people who are looking for some privacy and more space for a courtyard or garden.  Living in a villa is the ultimate dream for some because of the convenience and amenities that it offers.  Imagine living in a private space where you can live your own lifestyle.  Indeed, the way you design your home is a total reflection of who you are and in villas you can be live your exclusive and sophisticated lifestyle.


This seven-bedroom villa has a total area of 12 meters by 20 meters, a really huge property for a big family.

The design reflects modern architecture which depicts mostly lines, rectangular shapes, and the use of concrete and glass.

Modern architecture embraces modern look which mainly uses simple forms.  Since it is based on abstraction, it promotes the use of basic shapes like rectangles and squares and the use of steel, glass and concrete.  When you say modern architecture, it is tantamount to simplicity in form and design.

Modern design does not advocate on ornaments and lavish decorations.  The facade of any modern house always shows simplicity but the careful arrangement of the lines and shapes that we see make it a head-turner.

The choice of paint color also adds to its simplicity.  Cool and neutral colors are always preferred like off-white or white, grey, light brown, dark brown, black and beige.  These colors suggest cool ambiance and they somehow affect the mood of any person viewing it.

Villas are always preferred by people who love a peaceful life and often those who want to seclude themselves from the noise and stress that the city brings.  Though some prefer the noisy urban set up, many others would love to delve in a villa where they can experience privacy and serenity.

Image Source: Samphoas

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