That House that Speaks Elegance and Luxury

Anyone who passes by this house will give it a second look and a stare! This house is a complete definition of style, elegance, and luxury!

It is a whopping 13 meters x 20 meters! It is a modern house with every corner featuring only what is modern architecture is all about – straight lines, rectangular shapes, monochromatic color and no extravagant embellishments.

The choice of color scheme for the exterior of your house influence the appeal of the house and the whole property.  For a modern design, the exterior color should only project one main color  together with two other colors that accentuate the dominant color.

The body of the house is painted with the main color while the trims and lines should be painted with the second color.  The window sashes, shutters, balusters, banisters, and the movable components may be painted with the third color.  Voila! You have a perfect modern house facade!


The house has a car parking, a small garden with access to the kitchen.  At the ground level, there is the living room, two bedrooms, a dining room, a kitchen, a laundry area, a good space in the backyard and a restroom.

The first level houses the master bedroom with a small office and a bathroom, two  bedrooms, a balcony, a common bathrooms and a family room.

Though you can always be flexible with the design of your house.  You can even transform one bedroom into a music room or entertainment room and the other room become a library or a playroom for the kids.

This is just a model house for you to get your ideas to design your own house or to build a new one.  It is always cool to have an inspiration because from what we see, we can have a perspective on how to design our own.


The beautiful exterior will make anyone fall in love with it! The use of blue as the main color with white and grey as the secondary colors make the appearance really look perfect.

The secondary color are used to accentuate the main color, either for contrast or to make it appear like it stands out against the other colors.


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