Take Cleaning To The Next Level With A Cordless Hard Floor Vacuum

Cleaning using a cordless hard floor vacuum is easier, faster, and more efficient.

Needing to take out your vacuum cleaner and spend time setting it up just to clean a tiny area of your hardwood floor can be a hassle. Clearing it up can be a breeze, though, with the use of a cordless hard floor vacuum. You’d just need to take it out, switch it on, and you’d be done with it in no time.

Numerous cordless hard floor vacuums are available now, but only a few can be considered the best for any household.

Electrolux EL2095A Ergorapido Lithium Ion 2-1 Stick/Handheld Cordless Vacuum


When talking about vacuum cleaner brands, Electrolux will be on the top list. Their EL2095A Ergorapido model is a good model as it can be used as either an upright vacuum or a handheld one, making it easier for the user to handle it and have them worry only on clearing up dirt. It has a lot of accessories that will allow you to use it on different areas of the house and its head can rotate up to 180 degrees when using it on its upright position.
This cordless hard floor vacuum is powered by a lithium ion battery which will then store power for a long time without you needing to constantly keep it charged, and it is lightweight so that you can easily use it in its handheld mode.

Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum

Dyson is the brand that wants to make innovations when it comes to vacuums and their V8 model is one of them. It can be used as either an upright vacuum or a handheld one. Despite its size, it has a great suction which would in turn suck up almost any dirt on your hardwood floor, and will even work on carpets.

When using the V8, you won’t need to worry about dust and other things flying around in your home after using it. With its HEPA filter the air is kept clean after each use. Cleaning it is easy as well since you can just empty its dust chamber directly to a garbage bag. The battery lasts up to 40 minutes so you’ll be well on your way to cleaning the whole house before it needs a recharge.

Cordless Hard Floor Vacuum Buying Guide



Some models can be very expensive and may even go as high as $500 but with those, you’ll then be sure that their battery will last longer, more efficient with cleaning, and will even have additional accessories for cleaning. Put your budget as a factor in buying one as well as how often you might need to use the vacuum and the size of the area where you’ll be using it.


Cordless vacuums can be categorized into three: Handheld, upright, and 2-in-1 combinations. Handhelds are best for small homes since they are very light and would be user-friendly, and are very useful for cleaning corners. Upright vacuums would be a bit hard to put in storage, but they would usually have a large dust bin since it would be ideal for larger areas. 2-in-1 combinations would have the capacity of an upright but the versatility of a handheld.

Ease of Use

The advantage of a cordless vacuum is that it is easy to set up and store. You should be able to find one that will just have you put in the accessory that you need then flick a switch to clean dirt easily.

Suction Speed

When looking for a cordless vacuum, the suction that it delivers is the most important. Some models may only have one setting, while the more expensive ones would have different settings, depending on the surface that it will be used with.


The advantage of a cordless vacuum is that it can be carried and stored easily. With that, its weight is a big factor and with most models having a lithium ion battery, they would last longer and can be stored for a long time without being worried of its juice running out.

Run Time

Most cordless vacuums now use a lithium ion battery which in turn not only keeps it lightweight, but will keep it running for a long time. Some will give a run time of at least 30 minutes which is enough to clean a small house.


Certain cordless vacuums would have a filter that cleans the air around it. A vacuum with a HEPA filter, which can stand for “high-efficiency particulate air,” clears the air while you are using it, instead of dust being “rearranged” inside your home.

Ease of Emptying

What you’d want with a cordless vacuum is a dust container that you can clear easily and that it has enough capacity so that you won’t need to clean it every now and then while you are cleaning your house. Some would have its storage in the vacuum itself so you won’t need to think of clearing any dust bags and such.


A cordless vacuum can be versatile but it depends on the attachments that it comes with. Make sure to look for a vacuum that has additional accessories that will then allow you to clean different surfaces other than hardwood floor and bits for cleaning corners and tight spaces.


Look for a cordless hard floor vacuum that has a warranty that is coming from its manufacturer. You would want to find the vacuum that has a long warranty so that you’ll be sure that the company that makes it backs it up.

Cordless Vacuum

There are numerous types of cordless hard floor vacuum cleaners to choose from but we recommend that you look out for its versatility and battery life, as well as its ease of use, so that you’ll have your money’s worth and be able to keep your house clean all the time.

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