Split Level House Design with Four Bedrooms

Split level house design is not as popular as other types of houses like bungalows or two storey houses. But, this type of house has its own advantages over other homes. If you want to have your residence different from the houses around, then you may go into a split-level type. Actually, it’s a house which is a bungalow and at the same time is a two storey house as well.

Likewise, a split level house is best for a sloping lot. It’s a type with a part of the ground floor at a different level from another part, usually because the house is built on sloping ground. Sometimes it is also referred to as a one and a half storey house or a tri-level because it has short stairs going to the basement and another set of stairs going to the upper level.  

Picture of Split Level House Design with Four Bedrooms

Anyway, we feature an Oriental split level design with a traditional home built on a flat ground. It features an elevated balcony at the main entrance with marble stiles and guardrails. For reinforcement of the structure, the exterior uses pillars with accents of grey-colored stacked stones on the bottom height and concrete on the upper height.

Moreover, the building looks very traditional by using maroon-colored bricks for the wall cladding in all elevations. The other parts of the exterior walls are treated with concrete finish in white shade, the blend of which created a contrasting but pleasant appeal. To heighten the traditional accent, the house carry the concept of cross hip roof assembly with maroon tiles and a dormer.

The Elevations of Split Level House Design with Four Bedrooms

The Front Side Elevation

Picture of Split Level House Design with Four Bedrooms

The Right Side Elevation

Picture of Split Level House Design with Four Bedrooms

The Left Side Elevation

Picture of Split Level House Design with Four Bedrooms

The Rear Side Elevation

Specifications and Floor Plan with of Split Level House Design

The house stands in a lot that measures 15.5 x 12.0 meters that yields a usable space of 186.0 sq. meters. The floor area extends to the following specifications – three balconies, living room, dining room, kitchen, four bedrooms, three bathrooms, walk-in closet, and a carport.

Viewing from the floor plan, you can reach the front balcony through stairs that stretch to the living room. The living spaces occupy the middle part of the main floor layout. They are very spacious and enjoy a free-flowing concept that invites better mobility. The dining room sits in the center of the design which is easily accessible by all rooms. Meanwhile, the kitchen sits in front of the dining room.

On the left side of the main floor plan are two spacious secondary bedrooms with accommodate complete furniture and fixtures. A common bathroom sits in between them.

The inside ground floor contains a private bedroom and a bathroom. The carport enjoys its comfortable spot on the right corner of the house on the ground floor. The inviting walkway and driveway provide an impressive character to the house.

Meanwhile, the upper level is exclusive for the master’s bedroom. It has a spacious walk-in closet, en-suite toilet and bath with complete fixtures, and balcony accessible from the bedroom through a sliding glass door.

This split level house design has a spacious area, thus, comfort in the interior is at high level. All elevations are provided with sufficient window panels to allow cross ventilation which keeps the temperature inside the house at a pleasant level. While the interior is cozy and pleasant, the external is equally comfortable with a lovely landscaping.

 Indeed, this is a house that offers the real comfort for a healthy living.

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