Simple Rest House Design with 3 Bedrooms

Everyone of us is dreaming to have there second home where they can rest and relax during the week ends or whenever there is a family occasion exclusive only the the members of the family and venue on the different place.

This rest house design has 3 bedrooms, 2 bedrooms and with a total floor area of 145 square meters. This house is also elevated from the natural grade line, making sure that privacy in the rooms area insured. The house is also provided with spacious terrace  and at the right end is a water feature.

As you can see at the 3d floor plan, you can access the inside of the house with a ribbon door and you can see the sunken living area. The two bedrooms to the right are equally divided in terms of area and provided with a common toilet and bath further to the right. The is a sliding door also in front of the two bedrooms opening to the water feature.

Master’s bedroom is located at the left side with en-suite toilet and bath with sliding door made of aluminum and glass opening also to the front porch. Dining is located further to the back, that can accommodate a table with four chairs. Kitchen is further to the rear adjacent to the dining but divived by a wall and door to contain fumes coming from the kitchen while cooking.

There you go, a 3 bedroom rest house design that you can stay whenever you are bored in the city and need to relax and enjoy the calmness of a new environtment.

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