Simple Bungalow House Plan with Minimalist Theme

If you have an eye for great design, you’ll love this classy, simple bungalow house plan that floats with stylish design and concepts in a minimalist theme. Since modern homes continue to soar as the trendiest styles and choices, this design will inspire most families and homebuyers. Who would not be amazed by this house that despite its simplicity looks graceful and elegant with its modern styling?

Modern bungalows are increasingly popping up everywhere because they suit a wide range of people, needs, and lifestyles, Similarly, they seem to be the ideal choice for homebuyers searching to experience the best of low-maintenance, and open-concept living.

Picture of Simple Bungalow House Plan with Minimalist Theme

This simple bungalow house plan headlines an elevated porch that serves as an entryway to access the inner spaces. It features a few simple elements that include a pair of well-defined columns supporting the roof, sliding grey-tinted sliding glass doors and windows, cross gable roof, and exterior walls treated with a mineral plaster finish in white tone.

Picture of Simple Bungalow House Plan with Minimalist Theme

The lovely garden and landscaping provide the house with tones of air that comforts the interior. Equally, this house features glass panes that offer the house beautiful aesthetics and coziness. Windows overlooking the outdoors let the dappled sunlight and natural air flow freely which makes the inside look brighter. Besides, they offer the house a balance of privacy and natural light. Moreover, they also provide a wonderful view of the outdoors that adds to the bright and breezy atmosphere.

Specifications of Simple Bungalow House Plan

This house design boasts a straightforward but functional inner space and a comfortable outdoor space. The usable building of 42.0 sq. meters from a lot size of 6.0 x 7.0 meters, spreads to a porch, living room, dining area and kitchen, two bedrooms, and one bathroom.

A simple design features the porch that ushers you to the inner spaces through glass doors. The living spaces occupy the right side, while the left section hosts the private zone of two bedrooms. The master sits in the front corner, while the secondary unit is in the opposite corner.  Both bedrooms have their own walk-in closet.

This design is seamlessly in tune with a modern family who wants a simple living with effortless flow. Overall, this minimalist house design is seamlessly in tune with a modern family who wants a simple living in a small space with effortless flow.

Image Credit: The Renovate: Construction and additions

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