One Storey Residential House in Green Shade with Glamour

A house is considered to be one of the precious asset that every family treasures. In fact, it is a very valuable investment because it signifies the status symbol of a household. If you are financially stable, then why not invest for your dream house?  We offer today this one storey residential house with a distinct green shade for your inspiration and consideration. This might not be like the common houses that we see around, but, it definitely has a distinct appeal that will also win the hearts of many households.

Three bedrooms with a bit of privacy? Certainly, it is possible. The design on offer is a modern home plan which suits any type of housing location. In fact, it will be a perfect design in a garden lawn which offers lots of comfort and a pleasant atmosphere.

Picture of One Storey Residential House in Green Shade with Glamour
Features of One Storey Residential House in Green Shade

Shades of green are not commonly used as the dominant color for a house like the white, cream, and grey colors. However, this hue has its own unique character when combined with other shades. Anyway, the following are the excellent features of this model house.

  • front porch with pillars accentuated with green-colored bricks and a flat roof
  • wall-sized tinted sliding glass doors with dark grey frame
  • tinted window glass panels installed on appropriate locations
  • exterior walls treated with mineral plaster finish in white color
  • part of the walls accented with wooden laths in green color
  • a combination of flat and shed roofs with grey sheets and white-painted ceilings
  • wooden clerestory with green color
  • inviting garage with accented pillars and a flat roof
  • spacious frontage for family relaxation and related activities
  • lovely and pleasant garden and landscaping

The exterior concept does not only define pleasing aesthetics but an image of grace and charm. In fact, the level of comfort is at a high level with the setting and green environment.

Picture of One Storey Residential House in Green Shade with Glamour

These are the elevations of the design in feature.

Front Elevation

Picture of One Storey Residential House in Green Shade with Glamour

Right Side Elevation

Rear Elevation

Specifications and Floor Plan of One Storey Residential House in Green Shade

The interiors look more spacious with an open concept as unnecessary walls are avoided between spaces. The floor plan has a square lot that spreads to the porch, living room, dining area, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, laundry room, and carport. All elevations are designed with windows to allow cross ventilation which keeps the temperature inside the house at a pleasant level.

A smart layout of the spaces created a functional floor plan. Consequently, the plan invites better mobility and accessibility for all the spaces. The design features an open porch that leads directly to the living room through the sliding glass doors. The living spaces are in a linear set-up in the middle of the plan. Meanwhile, the private zone occupies the left and right sections of the design sitting on the three corners surrounding the living spaces. The open carport is sitting comfortably on the right corner of the house.

To sum up, the comfort that the interior offers is at high level.  On the other hand, the coziness of the exterior is even more sustaining with a lovely garden and landscaping.

Image Credit: Showbizgoa


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