One Storey Classic Bungalow with 3 Bedrooms

This one storey classic bungalow has 3 bedrooms, two toilet and bath, living area, dining, kitchen and porch. The total flor area is 130 square meters, and the size of the footprint is 10.5 by 12.5 meters. To build this as single detached with 1.5 meters setback at the two sides and back, and 2.5 meters at the front; the lot size minimum forthis design is 13.5 meters width and 16.5 meters depth (223 sq.m.).

Elevated floor at 0.75 meters from the natural grade line, hipped roof, powder coated aluminum and glass windows, sliding doors, brick wall accents are some of the many features of this classic bungalow.

Two color schemes being presented for this house, one with pink and darker combination below the floor line at the elevated portion. The second option has lighter color in terms of the wall and roofing. Garage is also designed to be separated from the main house.

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