Modern House Design in Captivating Style with Roof Deck

There is no place like home because it is where we should feel protected and comfortable. Generally, people usually are happy when they are home. Furthermore, they will be happiest if they live in a place they can consider a dream house. In particular, let this captivating modern house design with a roof deck offers you’re the comfort of living. Actually, this is a great design on a budget for you.  Check its excellent characteristics.

Again, a beautiful and elegant design puts modern house architecture at full circle. To point out, the most remarkable feature of this residential house is style and appeal considering the exterior design and concepts. In fact, it projects simplicity with class.

As can be seen, the exterior design and concepts are in a refined assembly and tidy workmanship. A combination of white, grey, and brown colors in the elevation lends a unique look to the house. This design features an elevated porch with a canopy roof in white and pearl beige colors. In the exterior application, window glass is highly effective in making the interior comfortable. The clear panel give the illusion of invisible railing as the natural views shine through.

Picture of Modern House Design in Captivating Style with Roof Deck

The box-shaped elevation, in white shades, is an eye-catching feature. The outer walls, decorated with brown bricks cladding enhance the overall look of the house. Part of the exterior walls is in mineral plaster finish in white paint. This design also features a flat concrete roof which is also a roof deck and at the same time is the upper of a two storey house.

Specifications of Modern House Design in Captivating Style with Roof Deck

The house in feature stands in building space of 130.0 sq. meters for two floors – 85.0 sq. meters for the ground floor and 45.0 sq. meters for the upper floor. The ground floor spreads to a terrace, dining room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a working area. On the other hand, the upper floor has a living room, family hall, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a balcony.

The entire house has four bedrooms and four bathrooms which suits a medium-sized family. There are enough openings and windows through which the captivating beauty of the nature is felt inside. Additionally, the light shades make the space and rooms look more specious as well.

To sum up, this modern house design is one unit oozing with aesthetics and comfort at the same time.

Image Credit: Home Pictures



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