Modern Exterior Design of a Magnificent Two Storey House

Getting across with the beauty of architecture especially the houses comes to us in every single day. The buildings amaze us and even inspire us to have one as well. Your home is a collection and presentation of what you love and the reflection of your character and lifestyle. Certainly, you will be eager to see the brilliant features of this magnificent two storey house with modern exterior design and concepts.

Contemporary houses don’t simply focus on aesthetic sense, but also give emphasis on the functions and benefits to offer. In fact, most houses of today emphasize energy efficiency that promotes sustainable living space. Additionally, we are in a period where space, energy, and privacy are difficult to attain because of various factors. However, with this double story house design, you will achieve these benefits while also making a lifetime investment.

Picture of Modern Exterior Design of a Magnificent Two Storey House
Features of Magnificent Two Storey House

The house we offer today is a two storey residence with modern exterior design and concepts. It looks elegant in vibrant and warm shades. As can be seen, the blend of cream, grey, and brown hues created a dynamic and radiant exterior façade.

This contemporary house design offers you a tiled frontage of a beautiful walkway. It features an elevated verandah and an inviting carport with a cream-colored concrete canopy roof. Part of the aesthetics includes the wall cladding in grey and brown hues that lends a unique look and registers a magnetic appeal. The exterior walls with plaster finish in cream color is tidy and justifying grace. Meanwhile, the ceilings are designed with brown wooden laths that perfectly match the wall cladding. The perimeter lightings are beautiful enough to illuminate the structure.

Picture of Modern Exterior Design of a Magnificent Two Storey House

As to the comfort level of the house, the design also features wall-sized transparent glass doors with dark grey frames. The same concept applies to both floors which are great medium in keeping the interior at pleasant level. Likewise, the setting and environment also supplies enough light and air to keep the house in reasonable comfort.

Picture of Modern Exterior Design of a Magnificent Two Storey House

Look on the magnificence of the house. One of the most astonishing feature of this residence is the prominent and well-designed cross hip roof which explodes in grey-colored tiles.

Aside from the choice of materials, what is so impressive with this design is the intricacy of concepts, assembly, and workmanship.  Consequently, it comes up with a tidy and refined architecture design at its best.

Specifications and Floor Plan of Magnificent Two Storey House

This magnificent house sits in a lot with a usable building space of 188.0 sq, meters for both floors. It’s reasonably big that accommodates spacious rooms for coziness. The total floor area spreads to a verandah, living room, dining room, prayer room, kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, balcony, and a carport. Meanwhile, the interior of the house has a simple and straightforward layout. The verandah serves as the perfect entrance to the living room through sliding glass doors. The ground floor is exclusive for the living spaces in a free-flowing concept that promotes better mobility. It contains the living room, dining room, kitchen, and one bathroom. The carport for two cars is in a comfortable spot on the left corner of the house

On the other hand, the upper floor is conceptualized to contain the private zone of three bedrooms, prayer room, one bathroom and a balcony. The balcony is accessible from the master’s bedroom which is perfect space to enjoy a scenic view of the surroundings. Likewise, there are enough openings and windows through which the captivating beauty of the nature is felt inside.

Overall, this magnificent house design definitely blows in aesthetic concepts and comfort which are both at amazing level.

Image Credit: Benjamas Home


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