Luxurious 4-Bedroom Three Storey House With Pool Provision

Three Storey House
This three storey house is ideal for large families.

With many smaller homes gaining popularity now, a lot of home buyers maybe asking themselves: Is it worth it to buy a large, three storey house?

If you are a family with multiple children or you have an extended family that likes to visit frequently, owning a large, three storey house is a good match to your lifestyle. If you love throwing big holiday parties or hosting family gatherings, this three-storey house is the perfect setting for that — especially if having overnight guests are part of the plan. Having a larger home with extra bedrooms also provides spaces for other things: A home office, a home gym, a children’s play area, and a movie room.

The house plan for today features a large, three storey house. This big home is ideal for large families. It has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a living room, a dining hall, two kitchens, and three verandas. This three storey house also has a big garage which can fit two cars.

By just looking at the exterior of this house, you can see how modern the interiors will be. It combines different elements: The colors white and gray and bricks and wood accent walls. The overall design also provides a provision for a swimming pool.

Here’s the floor plan of this house:

By entering from the main door, you will immediately see the living room and the dining area. To maximize the space and cater to more guests, the living room and the dining room are combined.

From the dining hall, you will see the common bathroom on the right and the kitchen on the left. What makes this home a perfect venue to hold guests or for those who love cooking and baking is the availability of two kitchens.

The outer kitchen also leads to the service area of the house. The service area can be used as a laundry area or a lanai. It is also a perfect place to hold outdoor parties as there is an available common bathroom outside. There is also an extra room which can be used as a storage area.

The first floor of this three storey house is the relaxation area. There are three equally-sized bedrooms and a common bathroom available on this floor. Two of the rooms also have access to the verandas.

Meanwhile, the Masters of the house have the second floor all for themselves. The last floor houses the Master’s Bedroom. This room features a huge walk-in closet and bathroom. The bathroom has provision for a bathtub. The Master’s Bedroom also has access to the top-floor veranda.

Do you like how luxurious this three storey house is? Did it pass as a dream house for you?

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