Exquisite Bungalow Design with Three Bedrooms

Here we are again, ready to offer you some designs and references for your inspiration. Choosing the style and type of house to build is a challenging task especially if you want to have them both. Similarly, the concepts, color choices, roof style and locations of the spaces are also factors for consideration. Today, our featured house is an exquisite bungalow design which suits low-lying areas. Aside from being a flood control solution, this concept also offers the house to stand higher giving an extra character.

Picture of Exquisite Bungalow Design with Three Bedrooms

Furthermore, the other factors to consider include the family size, budget, lot size, location and the concepts. The house in feature is a bungalow house that fits with the present lifestyle and character of families. Additionally, the modern look of this house is stylish especially the exterior concepts.  It is built in a lot that measures 12.0 x 13.5 meters. The usable space of 115.0 sq. meters spread to the terrace, living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms and two bathrooms.  

Picture of Exquisite Bungalow Design with Three Bedrooms

The outstanding features of this house includes the following:

  • elevated terrace with grey marble tiles, prominent pillar with accents of brown stacked stones and a flat roof
  • wooden door and green tinted window glass panels with white aluminum frames
  • wooden wall cladding and black steel battens
  • elevated base with grey shade
  • exterior walls in mineral plaster finish with white paint
  • cross hip roof assembly with grey-colored tiles and white painted ceilings
Picture of Exquisite Bungalow Design with Three Bedrooms
The Elevations of Exquisite Bungalow Design

The front elevation that explodes with elegant exterior design and magnificent cross hip roof assembly

Picture of Exquisite Bungalow Design with Three Bedrooms

The left elevation blows with wall cladding made of wooden planks and natural sandstones, and steel battens.

Picture of Exquisite Bungalow Design with Three Bedrooms

The rear elevation equally shines with similar concepts as the other elevations – wooden wall cladding, natural stones wall cladding and glass windows in white frames.

Picture of Exquisite Bungalow Design with Three Bedrooms

Likewise, the rear elevation features a well-designed hip roof assembly and ceilings which are very tidy and refined.

Picture of Exquisite Bungalow Design with Three Bedrooms

The right side elevation showcases sophistication with design and concepts from materials, color blend of white, grey and brown, assembly and workmanship.

Interior Design of Exquisite Bungalow Design

As can be seen, the grace of exterior design of this house extends to the interior concepts.

The Living Room looks very pleasant with cream shade from floor, walls and recessed ceilings.

The Kitchen in its impressive appearance – grey marble floor tiles, cream-colored walls and ceilings and black countertops and cabinets.

The bathroom emphasizes with simple white tones. The floor tiles are in dark grey color mixed with white and grey tiles on the other side.  The white brick wall tiles give a classic appeal.

Meanwhile, the other bathroom focuses on marble tiles in white, cream and grey shades. The wall blows with stone-patterned tiles giving a more natural-looking atmosphere. 

To sum up, to live in a residence with combined style, sophistication and comfort will be amazing.

Image Credit: Naibann


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