Cute and affordable single story house

For those dreaming to acquire a small house, this post is for you! Today’s featured house is a one-bedroom bungalow. It has a very simple floor plan which you can actually adjust, modify or alter without necessarily changing the exterior layout.

It used simple materials that’s why the cost is really affordable.  The shed roof complements the minimalist design as well. The use of beige, brown and orange accents looks cool and matches the petiteness of the house. Should you wish to make it even smaller, you can also do so.  It won’t change the layout.

Product Specifications:

  • single storey house
  • 1 bedroom
  • 1 bathroom
  • living room
  • kitchen and dining
  • open veranda
  • Budget: USD 10,000-20,000 or Php 500,000-1M

With this design, size, materials used, a budget of more or less US$10,000 is enough to bring the house to a rough finish.  With this amount, electricity and water system are already installed.  It is ready for occupancy.  Stuffing the house needs more money though and that depends on what furniture and what kind of fixtures you want to put inside.

If it is just OK for you to leave it as simple as this design, maybe you will need around US$2,000 or more or less 100,000 Philippine pesos to buy furniture and fixtures and you are good to live in it.

So, this is how the floor plan looks like.  It has a spacious veranda where you can receive your guests so that means you can reserve the inside for your living room, dining and kitchen and your bedroom.  You can rearrange or redesign the floor plan.  If you want to put the bedroom in the left side and put the living room opposite to it, so be it. If you like this design, you are free to grab its floor plan here.

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Credits to Facebook for this lovely design.

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