Build Your Dream House Inspired by this Modern House Design

Simplicity is beauty.  Oftentimes, we hear this popular expression among us when we refer to something effortlessly beautiful, something that attracts our attention even if it does not have any lavish decoration or make up.

This same expression also applies to houses and this is mostly shown in modern house designs.  The basic characteristic of modern architecture is its simplicity and no lavish decorations especially in the exterior of the house.

All modern house designs that we see only features lines, shapes, and simple gray, black or white paint color and with no extravagant adornments unless it is a design mixed with other concepts.

This house that we are featuring today where you may get an inspiration to build your own is a good example of modern architecture.

The house is built on a 9 meters x 15 meters lot area.  The ground level houses  a car parking  and small garden with access to the kitchen, a living room, a play room, a laundry area, one restroom, and the its surrounding yard.

The first level accommodates the master bedroom with a small office and an attached bathroom, two bedrooms, a balcony, three bathrooms and family room.

The second level has a terrace with one big bedroom with an attached bathroom.

This size of 9 meters x 15 meters is large enough for a family of four or five.  The one big room on the second level may be the master bedroom for a couple or it may even be converted into a guest room.

If you are thinking of a business and do not mind renting it to transients, this is even a good idea.  You may want to design it to house guests who pay.  With this, you may want to register to Airbnb to accomodate guests and you will make money out of it.

It may look narrow and sleek from afar because it was expanded in depth and not in width but with this size of 9 meters x 15 meters, it is a large property with large rooms and other areas.  The imposing veranda on the first level is an added attraction to it as all of the prospects looking for a house to buy prefer a house with a balcony or a veranda.

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