Narrow Lot House with Fabulous Interior Concepts

Is the lot you own smaller in size than traditional plots that exist around? There are chances that after assessing your requirements, what you can afford is a property lot with a small width. A space that usually encompasses a tighter area with lots of construction issues. Well, you don’t have to worry. There is a specific house for every piece of land whatever dimensions and size it has. In fact, the featured unit today narrow lot house design with marvelous interior concepts.

Like many bungalows, this unit is in a raised elevation scheme with a small porch of grey marble tiles and secured by a canopy roof. Likewise, the external façade features a wooden door and sidelites and window glass panels in dark grey aluminum casements.  The exterior walls is painted in a soft color cream shade that delivers a pleasant appeal. Meanwhile, a pair of shed roofs with grey-colored sheets in opposite orientation simply complement to the entire structure.

Picture of Contemporary Bungalow House in a Narrow Lot
Interior Design of Contemporary Bungalow House in a Narrow Lot

The interior design of this house is very graceful as compared to the simple exterior face. Let us see how the interior behaves in terms of design and concepts.

This is how the living spaces look like. The living room looks cool with a blend of cream, grey, and brown shades from the floor, walls, ceilings, and furniture. The workmanship is very tidy and refined making the space bright.

Picture of Contemporary Bungalow House in a Narrow Lot

The dining room is as graceful as the living room. Enjoying an open layout, the concepts are very similar to the living room considering the colors and workmanship. The dining table and chairs are also simple that suits the space.

Picture of Contemporary Bungalow House in a Narrow Lot

The bedrooms also glows with pleasantness. Obviously, the beautiful curtains delivers a soothing atmosphere. The shades of white and light brown with a little touch of green is captivating and ready to offer a tranquil relaxation.

Picture of Contemporary Bungalow House in a Narrow Lot

With a small space, the kitchen design makes use of every inch available and maximized to its functions. The cabinets above the countertop is a smart concept to increase the space for storage of kitchen stuffs. This area is an extension of the living and dining rooms in terms of concepts and colors.

The bathroom is a manifestation of a consistent design. Having to promote pleasantness within the entire residence, the design also features similar shades of white, cream, grey and brown which looks very cool and inviting.

Specifications and Floor Plan

The house in feature stands in a lot with 204.0 sq. meters area/. The usable building space of 60.0 sq., meters spreads to a small porch, living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, and one bathroom.

A compact and straightforward design, the living spaces are in the right section of the plan. On the other hand, the bedrooms occupy the left side of the layout with the bathroom on between them. Meanwhile, the parking space finds its comfortable spot on the right side of the house

Although small in space, the interior concepts are amazing and graceful. The exterior space with a green atmosphere will make this home a comfortable shelter.

Image Credit: KR Architectural Visualization Services


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